Services & Products

ReVenue was first introduced at the 2015 ZAA Annual Conference.


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  • Water Makeup/Reclaim Fabrication & Install

  • De-nitrificaton System Fabricaton & Install

  • Beneficial Bacteria Integration Programs

  • Aquatic Exhibit/Habitat Design, Fabricate, Install

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Project Installation and Warranty

  • Staff Training and Education (LSS)


Flex Exhibits are designed for use with or without animals.

   In this example on the left - the North Pacific themed exhibit may be used by a Childrens' Museum or Zoo/Aquarium customer in peak season in partnership with a local university intern/volunteer program when extra help is available to operate this hands on exhibit with touch animals. During non-peak times or when partner programs are not available the system may be used without animals as a water interactive. In this example gem mining was used and provided as an up-sell opportunity with the children taking home the gems 'mined' during play.

Concept Offerings

ReVenue is designed to take unused or underutilized spaces at any facility and turn them into multi-tier revenue generating outlets.

   The storyboards shown here are examples of the ReVenue concept. Each theme provides 3 potential revenue points which allow a facility to project its ROI for the remodel efforts.

     1. Increased admission price or separate attraction ticket sale.

     2. Feeding or Touch up-sell opportunity at the attraction or front gate.

     3. Event space designed for separate, during or after hour, rentals.


  • Custom Equipment specification & fabrication for the following LSS equipment:

    • Protein Skimmers

    • Lighting Systems

    • Ozone Systems

    • Pumps

    • Sumps

    • Fluidized Beds

    • UV Systems

    • Automated Monitoring Systems

    • Biological Filtration & Media

    • ​Aeration Systems

​Environmental & Aquatic Consulting
  • Technical Estimating

  • Life Support HVAC Consulting

  • Functional Retro-fit Designs

  • Integrated Sustainability Design

  • LSS Design​

  • LSS Construction & Installation